Java 10 HotSpot Disassembly on macOS High Sierra

Printing Generated Assembly Code From The Hotspot JIT Compiler¬†documented back in 2013 how to view Java Hotspot generated assembly code. While still useful, the disassembler plugin referenced in the post is no longer available in binary form as the Kenai project has been decommissioned. A number of references are available on how to build the… Continue reading Java 10 HotSpot Disassembly on macOS High Sierra

The Cost of Contention

Martin Thompson first reported on the cost of contention using a simple benchmark that measures the time to increment a 64-bit counter 500 million times using various strategies. Results were reported here¬†(section 3.1) and here (Managing Contention vs. Doing Real Work). I re-implemented this benchmark here. The results I observed (running on Java 9… Continue reading The Cost of Contention