Acting Classes in Los Angeles

I finally went over my notes today and pulled out all the Los Angeles Acting class recommendations we got from Deb Fink at her Audition Workshop in the SF Acting Academy last year. Here is what I uncovered. Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade – Improv and Sketch Comedy in Fairfax / Hollywood. Beverly Hills Playhouse – acting classes for… Continue reading Acting Classes in Los Angeles

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On Presence

Every time we hit a wall in training it is because we stopped being present. One can be performing an activity better than 99.9% of the world population and still be completely asleep while doing so. As long as presence is maintained there is no limit to how far we can extend ourselves in any endeavor. It… Continue reading On Presence

Value Objects in Newspeak

This is a quick dump of a rough design sketch for Value objects in Newspeak, which builds upon section 3.1.1 of the current version of the Newspeak language specification. Value classes allow explicit intent. The class declaration is automatically annotated with metadata that expresses the intent for instances to be value objects. Value classes use… Continue reading Value Objects in Newspeak

References and Actors

In E, references are distinct from the objects they designate. This might seem apparent, but it is not necessarily so. In traditional languages like Java, first-class references are almost indistinguishable from the objects they designate. They are internally represented as 4- to 8-byte pointers and while there is a distinction between reference equality (two references… Continue reading References and Actors