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Recently I did a survey of cloud storage options and their costs. My focus was to find the cheapest, scalable storage solution that I can use with minimal cost to begin with.

If you are starting a new mobile app project, without any seed funding, the best choices are still Google Cloud Datastore and Amazon DynamoDB. Both offer low per-operation and per-data costs and data replication without any fixed monthly costs.

A Note on Dynamo DB vs Cloud Datastore

If your application performs a lot of operations (reads/writes) over a relatively fixed-sized dataset, DynamoDB (with higher per-GB-per-month costs but significantly lower per-read/write costs) could be significantly cheaper. A company I worked at leveraged this difference to realize significant cloud storage cost savings by migrating from Datastore to DynaomDB.

Note: the following page is an excellent resource for those familiar with either Google Cloud services or AWS services to find out the corresponding service offerings of the other provider:

Cloud Storage Costs

Datastore (

No per node cost (bills per 100K reads/writes)

  • 6c per 100k reads
  • 18c per 100k writes

18c per gb per mo

AWS DynamoDB (

0.4c per hour minimum (for 5wps and 10 rps)

  • 0.4c per 100k reads (prorated RCUs)
  • 2c per 100k writes (prorated WCUs)

25c per gb per mo

Bigtable (

65c per hour per node (195c per hour for 3 node min)

17c per gb per mo (ssd)

Spanner (

90c per hour per node

  • 10K qps read per node

30c per gb per mo

Cloud SQL for MySQL (

19.3c per hour (13.51c per hour sustained use price) (38.6c per hour with failover replication) [2 CPUs, 7.5 GB RAM]

17c per gb per mo (ssd)



17.5c per hour (12c per hour for 1-year term) (35c per hour with failover replication) [2 CPUs, 8 GB RAM]

11.5c per gb per mo

Heroku Postgres (

27c per hour (pro-rated) [400 connections, 8GB RAM, 256 GB storage]


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