Ali Saif describes a state of mind, which has been predominant in my life, so well in The Plunge and Surface: “The sharp awareness of the present-moment and spontaneity of emotional response is lost, made sluggish rather. I often find I smile at something a microsecond too late and then remain smiling while others have… Continue reading Trance

Random Thought

Here are some tips and hints for success. Keep code reviews short; Follow style guides to the letter.

The History of Many-core

When looking for a good reference to back the “many-core problem” assertion in my Master’s thesis, this the best I could find as a prime source. Multicore: Fallout of a¬†Hardware Revolution holds an excellent description of the reasons behind the shift from increasing clock speeds to multiplying the numbers of cores in modern CPUs. In… Continue reading The History of Many-core

Hello world!

Welcome! I am working on implementing a split editor for Eclipse as part of Google Summer of Code 2008. I will track my progress on the project in this blog and on the Eclipse Wiki page dedicated to my project. Stay tuned!