A couple of days ago, while planning a vacation trip with my girlfriend and contemplating spending some time on Christmas Island en route back from New Zealand, I stumbled upon these photos of the hydrogen bomb explosions, which were conducted off of the island in the late 50s. Seeing these photos stirred something very deep… Continue reading Legacy

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On Presence

Every time we hit a wall in training it is because we stopped being present. One can be performing an activity betterĀ than 99.9% of the world population and still be completely asleep while doing so. As long as presence is maintained there is no limit to how far we can extend ourselvesĀ in any endeavor. It… Continue reading On Presence

On Openness

I am a firm believer in openness. That is the reason I believe open source has such great value. The way I see it, the word open in “open source” does not just refer to the source code: it also means open communication, open structure, open management… openness in every aspect of a project. Yet,… Continue reading On Openness