Working prototype of Eclipse split editor

The first working prototype of a working split editor is here. You can download it and play with it in Eclipse 3.4.

Basic functions like text cursor, current line highlight (these did not work in the first prototype), undo/redo, cut/copy/paste, status bar items (insert mode, line and column numbers) work fine and stay in sync when switching between the top and bottom half of the split editor.

There are also some known issues:

  • Ctrl+Left/Right/Home/End keyboard shortcuts always operate on the top part of the split editor, even if the cursor is (blinking) in the bottom half.
  • Navigating back and forth using the Alt-Left/Right keys browser-style does not remember the correct editor along with the location and doe not move between the top/bottom half of the editor. I actually have no plans of fixing this. This problem also occurs when opening multiple editor tabs.

Here are some images that demonstrate how to open and use the split editor.

First select the Open With dialog…
Split Editor 1

Then select the [Split Text Editor] option…

Split the Editor by clicking and dragging on the narrow line that runs all the way across above the first line.

And there you go… long live the split editor!

You can try different commands out and see if they work when you move between the two sides (top and bottom) of the editor…

That’s it for now. Enjoy!

Bonus The plugin now includes source code so you can see the kind of monster that lurks in the background to make editor splitting work.

Up Next Next up is a java code splitter, after I resolve the remaining known issues with basic editing functionality. I will also put up an update site for faster/easier delivery of future updates.